Ahh! Now I'm going to be stuck on felt after yesterday's post. I attempted to start my own line of laser cut felt jewelry this fall but the smell was atrocious. Papaver Vert : Hand Felted Living has the most beautifully colorful home accessories that begin as crocheted pieces transformed into their final state by wet felting.

Marfa Interiors comes straight from Marfa, Texas. Two creative friends have recently launched this line of felted objects including pillows, bolsters, and blankets. I love that their company is community based and all work is done in the states.

Is photography is breathtaking. Irene Suchocki is a self-taught photographer who experiments with style and technique to compose some truly feminine shots.

Camilla Gough, Australian magician and jewelry artist, makes the most beautiful rings I have ever seen. My close friend stumbled upon the website and when I asked her how she found it she replied, God. If I was a princess I would definitely be drenching my fingers in these.

Last night I was on Dutch by Design's website and came across more beautiful paper cutouts, two of which are lights. Oh how I would love to fill a room with only paper goods.
Today I spent the entire afternoon at the Museum of Arts and Design. Not only was I extremely inspired by the Slash exhibit, but I was able to participate a studio workshop where I created my own slashed paper work of art.

Jocelyn Warner you just stole my heart. There are some amazing designs but I absolutely must have the bloom peony rug, it is one of the most exquisite hand knotted rugs I have ever seen.

This evening I met with Kimberly from Inspired Goodness and I really began to think about what has inspired me and the designs for my own wedding. It all began with a dress, which I found on Braedon Photography. His inspirational work is truly a breath of fresh air in this congested world.

Pigeon Toe Ceramics is such a unique line of handmade pottery and today was there one year birthday. From bird feeders to mini creamers, each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Mod Green Pod is an amazing wallpaper and fabric company, and member of the organic trade association. Their products are woven and printed here in the states, so you can guiltlessly add some color to your furniture and walls. Many prints are available in both fabric and wallpaper, and if you're still not sure what you want you can test out your selections in the room creator on their website.

I'm currently balled up in my bed in my gracious 6' x 9' New York bedroom dreaming of the feel of spring earth between my toes. Oh how great it would be to be wrapped in nature in your own home. Terrain, one of the sister companies under the URBN umbrella inspires you to do just that with their garden cafe and landscaping services.