I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted, well actually I can with how busy I've been. Happy Friday! Here is some weekend inspiration from the company egg collective. They have the most creative furniture and I am in love.

Present & Correct has the largest, most delightful collection of paper goods to write on, read, note and give. I could easily convince myself that I need one of everything they sell because everything is simply charming. I just get way too excited about paper.
For the most naughty, funny and plain ridiculous paper goods, Knock Knock has the ultimate collection. Their website includes everything to turn a boring day at the office to a light-hearted bundle of laughs.

Bloomin Flower Cards are my most recent favorite discovery. If you plant the paper after use, it will bloom into beautiful flowers.

Packlab, a branding department at the Lahti Institute of Design, has the coolest design for a paper popcorn bag.

Skinny LaMinx is beginning my week of paper inspiration. Heather Moore, of Skinny LaMinx, is a designer in South Africa that makes the most beautiful paper cut outs and illustrations.
Urban Outfitters Leggings. Tights. Socks. Crazy. Chic. Unique. Enough said.
I have never been disappointed in a pair of tights from Gap. They always have the essential colors of the season with unique weaves and a great quality.

Jonathan Aston is another great leg-wear designer, especially if you want a unique and feminine look.

Emilio Cavallini is a panty-hoes print goddess. She has beautiful and simplistic designs that can even be found at discount designer stores such as TJMaxx or Filene's Basement.

Tights are my weakness and with fall weather officially here, I can't wait to layer it up with hoes and socks and boots, oh my. Celeste Stein has a colorful array of patterned tights that will make your legs look like they go on for days.

Bead for Life is a fair trade organization that makes jewelry from rolled recycled paper. How cool is that? Anyways, they have a variety of accessories in a wide range of unique colors.
Flair for Friday. Who couldn't use some great jewels to spice up their wardrobe? Bona Drag offers a wide variety of flair including gems, feathers, crystal and crocheted pouches.

So after yesterday's post I continued drooling over the rest of Bona Drag's website. Today I am in love with her dresses. They are so simplistic and feminine, and they would be the perfect complement to a pair of boots or tights.

Bona Drag has given Capezio ballet flats a hip look by adding a touch of studs to the toes. I can't imagine how jealous your fellow ballerinas would be if you showed up to class in a pair of these.

The last phone post of the series is from Ericofon. They have a great variety of rare phones including wall phones from the 30's, grand piano phones, and even phone book holder.

Re-soul carries a variety of accessories and footwear for the 'urban individual' including this rewired phone from the 70's.
Pedlars Web Store hosts some classic phones restored to perfection.
Vintage, one of a kind phones that would make the perfect conversation piece, literally.

Ring! Ring! Who's there? It's Hulger. Whether you need a classic look to plug into your cell phone or a real phone for those long Skype conversations, Hulger has the color and style to suit every phone desire.
Makool Loves You and I love Makool.
For my last burlap post of the week, I visited Vintage Weave Interiors. Their display of grain bags, burlaps, hemps, and linens appears to progress forever. If I am ever in LA I will most definitely visit their store to see their wide array of antiques, vintage, and design.
3 Fine Grains has a great selection of vintage burlap upholstered ottomans, stools, and furniture.
Dan Marty Design has a bonny line of burlap upholstered furniture.
Burlap is one of my two favorite materials, and so it is also my inspiration for this shortened holiday week. Dutzi sacks are made in Yucatan and all profits from sales go directly to the women in the workshops, who hand craft each unique bag.

Teri Lyn Fisher takes the most lovely pictures. Every time I visit her website, I leave hungry and longing for a beautiful room.