Sneak peek!  I am working out some color way options on my save the date, which I hope to have printed today. What I've posted is only part of the back side of the postcard. Check back to see how it all turns out!
Last week I posted my initial graphics package for my cupcakery project.  Since then I have created a new brand identity that plays off the theme of the building: a 1950's gas station.  I will be updating my website soon with some additional project work so check back @!

Recently I asked three of my best girlfriends to be in my wedding next fall!  These are the little sets I made them using hand-cut wood spool cards and matching candles from Anthropologie.  They were extremely excited, as was I, and really appreciated my craftiness. 

Yesterday I mentioned that the concept of my cupcakery is cake in real cups. Here are a couple pictures of some red velvet cupcakes I baked in tea cups and miniature canning jars.

As you might already know, I am in school for interior design. My senior project is an Indianapolis cupcakery based around the concept of cake baked in real cups. This is the original graphics package I created for my store including business cards, plates, and a menu.

Using my Marmie's delicious sugar cookie recipe I recently made some festive fall cookies. These woodland friends definitely tasted as good as they looked!

I just finished my first set of Wilton decorating classes and here are a few photos of what I learned. It is by far my most delicious hobby.

Liberty of London has wrapped their amazing prints on anything imaginable for Target this season. I would love to bottle up some of my favorite things and wrap my life in them if the result would be as beautiful as this collection.

My second venue of choice is Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West. I first visited a year ago but a recent research project has rekindled my love for this organic site, ideal for a Southwest wedding. The website has information about renting it, but these photographers captured some great wedding shots as well; joshua sky and angelina rose.

A few of my obsessions include felt, burlap, the southwest, and of course yurts. As I continue to plan my wedding there are a few places I wouldn't mind tying the knot besides in my home town. The first is in a yurt, specifically a Little Foot Yurt in Canada.

The Love Shop on Etsy has some wonderful words to live everyday by and give to those you love the most.

I'm finishing some details on my first knit sweater and although it looks nothing like the beauties from Heartfelt it is truly a work of art. If I was more serious about knitting this pattern book would be my first investment.

Finally settled back in Cincinnati, miles and miles away from the most delicious brownies I have ever eaten. Thanks to Baked I am now having intense cravings, but thankfully I bought their cookbook. It is one of the best investments I have made for both my taste buds and hips.

Mus Kunst I cannot understand a word on your website but I want verder of everything in the vassen category.

Top of the mornin. St. Pattys is around the corner and what better way to celebrate then with some festive baking. Bake it Pretty says it best, "No need to get pinched this year, just green-up your St. Patricks day sweet and you're good to go."