Present & Correct has the largest, most delightful collection of paper goods to write on, read, note and give. I could easily convince myself that I need one of everything they sell because everything is simply charming. I just get way too excited about paper.
For the most naughty, funny and plain ridiculous paper goods, Knock Knock has the ultimate collection. Their website includes everything to turn a boring day at the office to a light-hearted bundle of laughs.

Bloomin Flower Cards are my most recent favorite discovery. If you plant the paper after use, it will bloom into beautiful flowers.

Packlab, a branding department at the Lahti Institute of Design, has the coolest design for a paper popcorn bag.

Skinny LaMinx is beginning my week of paper inspiration. Heather Moore, of Skinny LaMinx, is a designer in South Africa that makes the most beautiful paper cut outs and illustrations.
Urban Outfitters Leggings. Tights. Socks. Crazy. Chic. Unique. Enough said.
I have never been disappointed in a pair of tights from Gap. They always have the essential colors of the season with unique weaves and a great quality.