Heather Moore is beginning my inspiration of cushions this week from her
beautiful website Skinny laMinx. The prints are capable of matching any space
with their organic and natural air.

I think fall is starting to creep into New York. With cooler weather on the way
I am craving caramel apples, apple cider, mulled cider, cider slushies, and any
other cider beverage imaginable. Amy's has the most delicious and expensive
caramel apples I've ever seen, but if you are ever in Indiana I highly
recommend Tuttle Orchard and Lilly Orchard for those cider fixes.

Night Owl Paper Goods has some new products worth hootin about.

As I finish up my ballerina inspired week, I thought I'd share a bit of eye candy.
Betsey Johnson's fall line is inspired by Betty Crocker dessert recipes, which look
simply delicious.

Monique Lhuillier's ready to wear collection should be renamed as ready to look
like royalty. My eyes are glittering with desire for a princess dress.
Ok so I'm totally wanting a pair of these shoes that tie around the ankle.
They look like point shoes from the front even though I'm sure a 4" heel is
being concealed from my view. Louis Vuitton's fall line is certainly something
to be desired, I might even make my own giant bow accessory.

Free People mixed their spirited look with fem-chic for their August catalog.
Hobo pieces use delicate colors and materials to give the wearer a versatile
Erin Fetherston showcased ballerina materials and looks in her new fall line.
Sheers, tulles, and silks dominate the collection of small waists and frufy hips.

Ballerina is the look of the week. A true one in heart and spirit, I
couldn't be happier with the trends hinting at this style and an
overlaying appearance of femininity. Top Shop and personal finds
contributed to this inspiration board for my dream wardrobe.

On the thought of wallpaper, Better Wallpaper allows you to print your own
image at whatever size you want. I love the messy spaghetti face right above
the dining table.

Elitis Flocked Wallpaper- what could be more elegant and beautiful than this?
I want to wrap everything in it.
I guess this is where it is all beginning, with a truly inspiring composition.
I hope against hope that this blog will jumble exceptional designs and bring
beauty from my eyes to yours.